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In tank production we use only materials of highest quality standards, which will be carefully selected according to customer needs, for example by chemical resistance for transported goods. Materials are easy to maintain and clean.

Chemical Resistance

The chemical resistance table shows the corrosion behaviour of the 3 inner lining materials. GRP(glassfibre reinforced plastic) with vinylester resin already gives wide resistance against chemicals If moderate corrosion and temperature resistance is needed the polyethene lining gives a very cost effective alternative. For more requiring applications we can offer Halar (E-CTFE) inner lining, which can resist practically all chemicals transported by road.


Chemical/product Formula Concentration PE-HD E-CTFE FRP
Acetic acid CH3COOH 80 % 40°C 100°C 45°C
Aluminium chloride AlCl3 every conc. 60°C 100°C 100°C
Chromic acid CrO3 20 % 20°C 100°C 50°C
Formic acid HCOOH 98 % 40°C 60°C 40°C
Formic acid HCOOH 85 % 60°C 60°C 25°C
Hydrochloric acid HCl 35 % 40°C 100°C 60°C
Hydrochloric acid HCl 5 - 32 % 60°C 60°C 65°C
Hydrofluoric acid HF 40 % 40°C 80°C  
Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 30 % 20°C 60°C 40°C
Iron(III)-sulfate Fe2(SO4)3 dilute solution 60°C 100°C 100°C
Nitric acid HNO3 60 % 20°C 100°C  
Nitric acid HNO3 30 % 20°C 100°C 40°C
Phosphoric acid H3PO4 95 % 40°C 100°C 100°C
Sodium hydroxide NaOH 50 % 60°C 80°C 80°C
Sodium hypochlorite NaOCl 21 %   40°C 40°C
Sodium hypochlorite NaOCl 0-18%   40°C 80°C
Sulphuric acid H2SO4 98 % 20°C 40°C  
Sulphuric acid H2SO4 96 % 20°C 100°C  
Sulphuric acid H2SO4 70 - 80 % 60°C 100°C 50°C
Sulphuric acid H2SO4 0 - 70 % 60°C 100°C 80°C
  = Resistant
  = Conditionally resistant
  = Non-resistant