Composite vs. steel

Admor® composite containers have superior characteristics when compared to steel containers, which makes composite containers a sensible and cost-effective choice for logistics operations involving liquids.

Composite container vs. steel container


Chemical residues may remain on the steel surface, which means that the material transported in the container cannot be replaced.


Steel will rust and wear over the years, and it will require repairs.


On average, the payload in each direction can be increased by up to 1,000–4,000 kg.

Heat loss

In itself, a composite material is an insulating material, and the container does not contain thermal bridges. The container maintains a steady temperature up to 50% better than a steel container.


Composite containers are suitable for materials that require purity. Such materials include foodstuffs.


The investment quickly pays for itself in terms of savings gained from using composite containers.

Composite containers unite various industries

In chemical factories, chemicals are typically stored in composite containers. After being transported, the chemicals are unloaded and placed in composite containers at the receiving factory.

These composite containers are manufactured based on 50 years of experience by the sister company Admor Composites Ltd, Muovityö Hiltunen Oy. Steel containers could be used to transport chemicals if the containers are first treated to withstand strong chemicals.

A more sensible and more natural way of doing this would be to select a composite transport solution for logistics.

Thanks to the manufacturing processes we have developed, the containers can be better optimized for our customers’ needs. One example of this is the partitioning of transport containers, which then permits different chemicals to be transported simultaneously.

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