The transport company mainly transports Class 8 (corrosive) chemicals. It has used rubber-coated trailer containers to transport hazardous liquid chemicals. A rubber-coated container could not be used to transport chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and sodium hypochlorite in the same container. The customer had to use separate trailers for each chemical. This resulted in a considerable amount of driving with empty containers, as well as additional costs.

The old 38 m³ container weighed 10,200 kilos, while the new 38 m³ E-CTFE-coated composite container weighs 7,700 kilos. This means that the company can now transport an additional 2,500 kilos of material in both directions. The containers were separated into partitions, so that one transport container would meet the needs of the customer going forward.

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more transportable material in each direction