Technical data


ADR, 4/2 bar


18–60 m³

Tare weight for the trailer

from 5,000 kg


  • Available with partitioning or with splash walls
  • Insulated sandwich construction made of composite, min. U value 0.93 W/m2 K, temperature loss approx. 2 °C / 24 h, thicker insulation if necessary
  • Multiple options for unloading and emptying units


–40…+80 °C (up to –40…+100 °C)


Normal pressure of 100–200 bar, temperature of +80 °C (excl. PE-HD max. +50 °C)

Product classes

L4BN, L4BV+, (3 limited, class 6.1, 6.2, 8, and 9). Restriction for transportable material: flashpoint over +60 °C, maximum vapour pressure +50 °C at 1.1 bar


  • Composite manlids, Admor
  • Valves coated/uncoated (e.g. GF, Perolo, Girard or Fort Vale)
  • AISI 304 steel legs
  • Pressure lines: hand-operated, pneumatic, with remote control
  • Ladders (AISI 304) with integrated water line
  • SAF or BPV shafts
  • Various other equipment is also available
  • We also supply containers installed with their chassis and chassis equipment