Our core competencies include our versatile manufacturing processes, inner surface materials and customization. Thanks to patents, protected designs and 50 years of experience of composites, we are also steps ahead of other operators in the market.

Structure-related properties

Sandwich structure

The sandwich structure comprises a selected inner surface, other structural layers and insulation.


Our containers can be divided into different-sized compartments according to your needs. For example, E 15 m³ + 15 m³ or 5 m³ + 10 m³ + 3 m³ + 12 m³.

Splash walls

Well-designed splash walls prevent liquid being transported in the container from moving, adding safety and driving comfort.


When cold materials have to remain cold and hot materials hot. We also manufacture heated containers.


The products we manufacture are thoroughly tested. Their impact resistance and creep resistance, for example, are top notch.

Inner surface options

Reinforced plastic (FRP)

Most of our customers choose reinforced plastic as a production material in order to benefit from the excellent properties of composites. Containers made from reinforced plastic can be used for transporting liquids at temperatures up to 100 °C.

Thermoplastics (PE HD, PP, …)

Our product range also includes many other options to meet your specific needs. One example is food transport, which requires extreme purity and easy cleanability from the container.

Fluoroplastic (E-CTFE, Halar®)

Fluoroplastics have great resilience, which makes them ideal for highly demanding transport of chemicals, such as the transportation of hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid. Thanks to its easy cleanability, the material is also suitable for transmissible chemicals.

Various possibilities of composites

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