The benefits of composites

The Admor® composite container offers benefits that cannot be achieved using traditional solutions. The composite container is an excellent solution when you want to save on fuel costs, mileage, water consumption and working time. In addition, the savings make the composite container an ecological choice. Our composite solutions are the most advanced on the market. With a wide range of coatings and containers, we can efficiently optimize the containers to meet your needs, adding occupational safety and ease of use.


is resistant to chemicals

Composite containers are resistant to more chemicals than steel containers. Our containers meet the requirements of ADR, RID, IMO-4, CSC, and can be used to transport e.g. the following chemicals:

  • 1789 Hydrochloric acid
  • 1791 Hypochlorite solution
  • 1824 Sodium hydroxide
  • 2582 Ferric chloride solution
  • 1830 Sulphuric acid
  • 2031 Nitric acid
  • 1779 Formic acid
  • 1790 Hydrofluoric acid

Composite material is


The sandwich structure we have developed means that the structure comprises two layers of reinforced plastic and an insulation layer integrated in between them. This makes the structure extremely durable. The containers do not rust or wear. The containers can also withstand impact, stacking and accidents even better than steel containers. The sandwich structure has a uniform surface which prevents, for example, water from reaching the insulation layer.

Composite material is


Containers made of composite are on average 40% lighter than the equivalent steel containers. Some examples are given below:

  • A detachable tank lock container (31,000 L); 2,000 kg when made of composite / 3,900 kg when made of steel
  • A semitrailer (38,000 L); 6,000 kg when made of composite / 8,000 kg when made of steel

This means, for example, less fuel consumption per kilometre and thousands of kilos extra load in each direction. Also. a lower carbon footprint is an advantage that benefits us all.

Composite material is

energy efficient

When the temperature must remain unchanged!
It is possible to design and prepare a custom-made insulation layer for our containers.

  • For materials such as foodstuffs, which require refrigerated transport.
  • For warm materials, such as pine oil.

Composite material is

easy to clean

Even the most difficult materials such as latex do not stick to the inner surface of our products. Easy cleanability allows you to use the same container for different substances during the outward and return journey. Easy cleanability also means reduced working hours and water consumption.

Composite material is

suitable for foodstuffs

Our containers comply with EU legislation on foodstuffs (Food Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and EU Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011), which permits, for example, the safe transport of fruit juice.

Composite material is


Safety is the main goal of our operations!

Driver safety can be maximized with our fully customized solutions, for example, via remote-control unloading, partition and splash wall solutions, as well as with precisely sized containers that minimize the need for additional transfers.

Nothing dissolves to transportable material from our containers and our products have been tested by an independent inspection body and were found to be safe.

The benefits of composite containers in a nutshell

  • Reduced fuel costs

  • Reduced water consumption during cleaning

  • Lower carbon footprint

  • Effortless filling of the container for the outward and return journey

  • Reduced working hours and mileage

  • Compliance with quality standards for highly regulated materials, such as foodstuffs and chemicals

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